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Leinster School of Excellence

Post by Dizzzy »

Hi everybody,
my name is Daniele, i'm from Lugo di Romagna, Italy, (city twinned with Wexford).
I'm looking for some information about Leinster School of Excellence.

My son Francesco is a promising rugby player aged 16 and after attendind some italian summer camp in the last years, we are looking for something more "formative".
We know those "holiday pack" that gives english school + rugby practice, but they're attended almost only by italians, so the english language learning is poor and rugby is entry level.
Can somebody tell me if Leinster School of Excellence can give us a a sufficiently high level and perhaps, relate their experiences?

Thank you


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Re: Leinster School of Excellence

Post by Maradona10 »

Hi Daniele, I assume I speak on behalf of everyone when I say welcome to Babbling Brook!

I've never attended the camp myself, but there seems to be a very impressive list of coaches this year : former Leinster players Girvan Dempsey, John Fogarty and Declan O'Brien, Leinster Elite Player Development Officer Wayne Mitchell and Leinster Coach Development Officers Dan Van Zyl, Colin O'Hare and John Bagnall.

Of those, I know that Girvan Dempsey is a serious coach (has been mentioned as a possible future Leinster coach, I've only heard good things about Mitchell. Van Zyl is the one I know most about. He's an excellent coach (especially for halfbacks) and will really help bring the best out of kids.

I also know that there are fantastic facilities in King's Hos, so that should be a good experience.

Hope this helps!
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