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Re: Schools Rugby 2013

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The typical first year school's rugby itinerary is matches on a Wednesday after school (if the school has a half day) and/or Saturday, with training twice a week after school as well. If there's no match on a Wednesday, there's usually training instead. So that's 3-4 times a week in school. Whether he can do that with club rugby commitments is up to you and him to decide! Good luck to him in his future rugby endeavours, schools rugby is the most enjoyable rugby he'll ever play!
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Re: Schools Rugby 2013

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sullivan 7 wrote:I have a question that perhaps somebody could answer.My son is starting 1st year in september in Castleknock.Can he still play with his local club or would the demands of rugby in 1st year be enough for him to handle?
Shouldn't be a problem in 1st and 2nd year (unless in JCT squad at that stage). Just lie to the school coach. The don't like to see their charges getting injured playing for clubs (I ended up telling my young lad to make up stories when he would come in injured on a monday morning).
It is important to keep up the club connection especially if they don't make the main school teams in 3rd year. They can sometimes get pigeon-holed in 1st or 2nd year in school. The club coach might develop other skills in the kid. My young lad played outhalf for his club right up to the end of 2nd year and ended up playing flanker in his JCT so it worked well for him. Good luck.

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