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Re: Quoting Posts

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johng wrote:
Scott wrote:Have had problems with the site yesterday & today - very slow to non responsive. Is it just me?
Also, for the past while i have noticed that when i click on submit (one click i swear) a lot of the time the post appears at least twice :?
You may "think" you only click once. :wink:
The site has deteriorated significantly over the past few weeks/month. Limecat must be hosting it on his sandwich toaster. Perhaps it's getting a lot of use before Christmas. (the sandwich toaster) and can't cope. But especially uploads (posts) are getting worse by the day.

Dodgey hard disk in the sandwich toaster coupled with asymmetric broadband? The disks are slower to write than read because one of the slices of toast in the toast raid has failed. :)

For a service that I pay almost €0.00 per month for, it's just not good enough.
I was not having a pop simply wondering if it was the slowness was an issue my end or with the site in general. I know nothing about servers/hosting/gibberish/gibberish but as per Degz suggestion i would have no problem donating if required.

Feel like having a toastie sambo for lunch - not sure why
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Re: Quoting Posts

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Degz wrote:Do we need a new server? Don't know if this has been mooted, but fundraisers are always a possibility.
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