Santa, what you didn't know.

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Santa, what you didn't know.

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Phone rings
Hello Santa, I've been expecting your call.
Ho ho ho Mirror!
Well Santa, the Global Mirror Network is at optimum performance.
I can see that Mirror, I've already started delivering to the South Pole, Australia and New Zealand.
About New Zealand, Santa, a lot of children of all sizes and ages have been asking if you could get Joe Schmidt to change his mind
Oh dear, I'm afraid that's going to be a bit of a problem.
How so Santa
Well Mirror if you remember a few years ago we were having problems with getting all the presents for the children delivered on time.
Somebody put us touch with Joe and advised us to ask him for help.
Well we (that's the royal we btw, Santa is quite shy and is almost never seen in public) decided to take his advice.
He told us to put you in charge of the mirror network and quite frankly Mirror we have never looked back and much more importantly Santa has never been seen since and is delivering more presents than ever before.
Merry Christmas everyone.
Ho Ho Ho.
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall who's the greatest player of them all? It is Drico your majesty.
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