Personal Lives of Players

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Personal Lives of Players

Post by limecat »

As per the forum rules, players are entitled to privacy and any such threads will be removed. We have had a pull a number of such threads in recent weeks.

We allowed a more general thread relating to player privacy and the impact incidents could have on their future potential, both from a personal and professional perspective.

We've now removed this thread, as specific information about incidents was posted multiple times and we do not have the time to monitor a single thread 24/7.
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Re: Personal Lives of Players

Post by Stuka »

Fair enough. Shame that specific info was posted on it.

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Re: Personal Lives of Players

Post by All Blacks nil »

Does this just apply to Leinster players

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Re: Personal Lives of Players

Post by johng »

This thread referred specifically to some Munster players.The date of the op should give you a clue as to which ones.

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Re: Personal Lives of Players

Post by Logorrhea »

Good call.

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