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Re: 8 Nations 2020

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Flash Gordon wrote:Interesting to see JGP in there tough on Cooney who has been the form Irish scrum half over the course of the season albeit with a bit of a drop in form after lockdown. JGP adds clear pace of distribution, probably the best of the Irish SH's in that area.

Is Lowe qualified or is that November?

On another note, how meteoric has Keenan's emergence been???!!
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Re: 8 Nations 2020

Post by hugonaut »

Dave Cahill wrote:
October 8th, 2020, 1:48 pm
I think it's inaccurate to say that Murray isn't in form. He has, over the last 18+ months, carried out the various game plans of assorted coaches to perfection.
I disagree Dave. He certainly has been doing that since the restart, but he was making a lot of mistakes in 2019 that were down to nobody but him. In my opinion his play in 2020 is obviously better than in 2019 ... but still a huge decline from what he was producing in 2018.

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Re: 8 Nations 2020

Post by sunshiner1 »

Bealham and Heffernan both went off injured in the Connacht game this weekend. If they are out who replaces them? Also Henderson could be looking at a ban for his red. Does Dillane get called up or do we just go on?

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Re: 8 Nations 2020

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Trying to figure out why Cooney didn't make the national squad.
One possiblity is that he's not blocking a prospective new entry or newish at least.
Murray's absence from Munster means Casey gets a run.
Marmion's absence from Connacht means Slade gets another run.
In Leinster it's either JGP or McGrath but not both.
In Ulster it's Cooney or NIQ player.
So maybe Farrell selected his SHs with an eye on what he sees might be the future for Ireland.
It forces reluctant provincial coaches to select next generation instead of, in some cases, last generation or verging on.
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Re: 8 Nations 2020

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Like the theory re Cooney even if it is slightly flawed in that Ulster have three promising 9’s in the academy in Doak, Finlay and McKee. They maybe haven’t had the exposure of others but following through on The Cooney theory this would be a good time to try them out. Shanahan although showing some promise at times has not come through and he seems to be on borrowed time contract wise.

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