Ireland v. Italy - Sat 07 March 14.15

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Re: Ireland v. Italy - Sat 07 March 14.15

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MylesNaGapoleen wrote:
Pilotman123 wrote:
limecat wrote:Men, women and u20 matches v Italy have been officially postponed.
Simple solution would be not let any fans travel
how would you do that? (not trying to be a smartarse, I genuinely cannot see how that could be achieved other than relying on voluntary compliance)

I bet the IRFU are relieved it is not called off completely. we usually have 5 maybe 6 home games each year...a full house is worth EUR3m-4m to Irish Rugby.
An actual mechanism you could do it would be to close the airspace in Northern Italy below x altitude. So no aircraft can land or take off (exceptions allowed for positioning empty aircraft). Then the airlines would be forced to cancel flights. Then you can claim travel insurance.
I don't believe we will see this happen btw. But its a mechanism to do it.

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