Lions 2013 tickets on sale from 10pm tonight

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Lions 2013 tickets on sale from 10pm tonight

Post by sheepshagger »

To Australian residents (so if you know anyone out there....) ... fault.html

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Re: Lions 2013 tickets on sale from 10pm tonight

Post by Tokengerman »

Living in Melbourne at the moment and couldn't even get tickets. Sold out in 15 minutes aparently. Does anybody know when tickets for travelling support are going on sale? Would be gutted to be over this side of the globe and still miss out.

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Re: Lions 2013 tickets on sale from 10pm tonight

Post by mikey »

Unless you can buy in oz (have to be resident, or know someone) your only option are the travel packages if coming from Europe. There is no ticket sale online of only match tickets.

It is possible to get a package that is hotel and tickets only but it's not cheap. Min purchase is 5 nights accommodation if you want, say, second and third tests....

Lions web site has links to the tours - gullivers are doing them too along with Thomas cook.

I'm told that previous lions tours have eventually coughed up some match tickets from your companies as reasonable prices when they are stuck with some - usually with a special bar or some such ....

Good luck

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Re: Lions 2013 tickets on sale from 10pm tonight

Post by Vamos los azules »

The thing that slightly surprises me with these Lions tickets is that people think they're going to be dead easy to buy, when all experience with the top level international matches is quite the opposite.

Look at the Leinster lottery for the Ireland v England match - 7 times over-subscribed when we all know the tickets they are offering are fairly rubbish AND marked up. On what level would there not be a high demand for matches from fans of 5 different countries in stadia of a similar size to those that sell out when only 2 countries are involved?

I seem to think the figure quoted for the 2009 tour was in the region of 35k travelling fans and this time around there are a significant number more expats already in the country to bump up the figures.
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