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Jamie Heaslip
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Shaw Cited

Post by sarah_lennon »

Did think it was dodge when I saw it
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Rhys Ruddock
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Re: Shaw Cited

Post by tackle-bag »

It was clumsy, sure, but it definitely doesn't deserve a ban.
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Shane Jennings
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Re: Shaw Cited

Post by hugonaut »

Yeah it does. Totally intentional, aims his knee at du Preez's kidneys and follows through. Citation and short ban well deserved, and couldn't give a sh¡t – would almost congratulate Shaw if it had been another player, but du Preez is a class act who doesn't tend to get involved with off the ball nonsense. That said, he's their best player, and I doubt there'll be any permanent damage, so probably worth doing. That's the game the Boks have been playing against the Lions, and that's what they're finally getting back.

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Shane Jennings
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Re: Shaw Cited

Post by tones »

Swings and roundabouts on both sides really. The boks have been playing dirty so they got some back.
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Re: Shaw Cited

Post by sheepshagger »

He has received a 2 week ban according to media here.

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