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Re: 2021 Lions

Post by paddyor »

hugonaut wrote:
April 28th, 2021, 4:13 pm
I think Gatland would like to bring Manu. I think he will give him every chance now that North is out ... those two guys are freakish specimens, and I think Gats would want one of them in the midfield.

I reckon it will be Henshaw, Slade, Ringrose and Manu. Owen Farrell will be selected, depends how training goes whether he is seen as a No10 or a No12. I could definitely be biased towards Irish players – Ringrose had a great season last year but has been hit-and-miss this season.

As great as JJV Davies has been in the past, he is on his last legs now. Similar situation to Drico in 2013 – all the smarts and the skills and the competitive will, but the body isn't quite capable of doing what the brain wants it to do. Still might go though. I think the only definites are Henshaw and Slade.
JD2 was players player of the tour twice. If he's fit he'll travel and I'd be surprised if he didn't make at least 1 test appearance.
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betty swallocks
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Re: 2021 Lions

Post by betty swallocks »

I think Ringer won't make it at 13. If Tuilagi doesn't make it back from injury in time, then I see Aki travelling with Henshaw outside him at 13 being the Test with Slade and Jonathan Davies also touring.
Surely John Cooney will tour!

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Re: 2021 Lions

Post by fourthirtythree »

Ringrose just doesn't have the body of work this year, neither does Ryan (ireland have two locks with better 2021s), and I don't think Gatland is even considering Sexton seriously - durability is a major issue with a diminished squad. Tough break as on talent all three should be travelling. As should Kelleher.

Don't really see it with Aki either to be honest
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betty swallocks
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Re: 2021 Lions

Post by betty swallocks »

I think Kelleher will tour and be on the test side. Furlong, Porter, Ryan, Beirne, Cooney, Murray, Henshaw, and Aki should also be confident of being selected.

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Flash Gordon
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Re: 2021 Lions

Post by Flash Gordon »

An odd seasons body of work for players. Henshaw and furlong only nailed on in my view. Beirne, Stander, Hendo, Ryan, Ringrose, Josh, keenan, Murray, Porter in contention. J10 if his head hasn't fallen off.

A year or two ago you'd have said Ryan was cast iron and Larmour on the right trajectory and you'd never have called Beirne. Shows how quickly the game moves.
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Re: 2021 Lions

Post by Lock9541 »

I think Tadgh Beirne will definitely get it

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Re: 2021 Lions

Post by The Doc »

Lock9541 wrote:
May 5th, 2021, 11:10 am
I think Tadgh Beirne will definitely get it
He's certainly on most people's list and he has the advantage of being versatile. But... I worry that as a lock he's just too lightweight against the Saffers. And as a second row / 6 he is vying with Itoje and Henderson. I can see one crossover back 5, possibly 2 - but can't see 3. So then I wonder does he justify it as a 6? Suddenly he's not so versatile as he is essentially a pure 6 - and there's going to be some specialist 7's so being a specialist 6 might be a stretch - possibly.

We'll see - but I don't think he's as clear cut as some are making out
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Re: 2021 Lions

Post by JB1973 »

Beirne will go for sure but he is much more likely to be a 6 than a second row for the test team just isn't big enough

There are loads of out standing 7s but not really a stand out 6. Beirne work at the breakdown sets him apart , plus he will be a good counter for the height at the tail of the bok line out so for me he should start at 6

I'd guess Beirne 6 Curry 7 Toby f 8 will be our test back row, anyone from Waston,Navidi,Tipuric Billy v or Stander could be the bench option they each have strengths and each have weaknesses.

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