Pubs to watch the games..

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Re: Pubs to watch the games..

Post by Rogocoko »

TheBear wrote:I've just realised that the Pro14 final overlaps with the Champions League final. There are normally some pubs nearby (in Oxford) which will show the rugby for me, but I'm worrying that they'll won't show the final for fear for annoying the footie fans.

On the off chance that someone knows somewhere that'll be sure to show it, let me know. :-)
How was this? I'm in SF for the Heino Quarter Final on March 30th.... would this be a good place to watch?
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Re: Pubs to watch the games..

Post by johng »

I'm guessing you quoted the post below the one you wanted to quote.....

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Re: Pubs to watch the games..

Post by El Diablo »

Anyone know the Irish bars in Corralejo, Fuertaventura? There are lots of them but no doubt they will all be showing soccer at 6pm this evening. Has anyone any tips on where to watch the Leinster match.

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Re: Pubs to watch the games..

Post by Eve »

Anyone know a pub in Treviso that's showing today's matches? olsc Base is closed
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Re: Pubs to watch the games..

Post by TheBear »

I'm going to be in Waterford tomorrow for the match. Any suggestions on where to watch the game?

Edit: it's fantastic to be back to worrying about where to watch the big game.
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