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Cian Healy
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Re: Molecast

Post by ronk »

I agree, but it was never our call. WRU made the decision already, the choice was lose a region and keep budgets intact for the other 3, or make brutal bloody cuts across the board that will leave a generation of bitter ex-players.

They didn't do it this way because it would have messed up the URC structure a little, they already torpedoed Wales and the regions seasons going into a RWC.

They messed up, the regions threw money at players to repatriate internationals and it was a disaster. They ended up with bloated squads of players on generous deals and hardly any improvement in performance. Cutting Dragons wouldn't have fixed that bloat, it would have given more time to make those cuts. And it also would have undermined their chances of directly controlling the regions.
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Re: Molecast

Post by OneLungDavy »

Any molecasts coming up? I'd like to hear the molecrew's thoughts on the u20s.
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Re: Molecast

Post by backrower8 »

And the EPCR in the context of #Sextongate and thew CC draw...and the new, fresher peppermint Irish jersey
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Re: Molecast

Post by FtD »

+1 on this!
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