The FAI and the IRFU...

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The FAI and the IRFU...

Post by fourthirtythree »

Do others think, as I do, that the success and obvious competence of the management of the IRFU contributes to the sacking of the football team's managers?

I think the FAI need to plan long term. Obviously that begins with the resignation of the utter muppets riding the gravy train. With every bad decision they make you ask yourself are they being corrupt or just incompetent?

Saying thst the players aren't there doesn't cut it. The performance of the senior team is below at but the FAI need to assume responsibility for player development. This means less focus on the senior team and incorporating as much of the Iceland model of professionalisation of coaches as possible.
it means developing our domestic league. There are green shoots there and we need to make it as competitive and self sustaining g as possible. We cannot rely on English people switching allegiance we have nothing to offer them. The rugby success depends in a large part on provincial success.

We cannot rely on players being developed for our team by English clubs. Thst model worked 20-30 years ago but has declined since. Its only going to get worse when Irish kids need work permits...
And last and least importantly (though no doubt most urgently) a modern coaching team at the top. Young and in touch with the modern game. None of thst bollocking players for not shortening their careers by playing injured.

But first up:it's the incompetent muppets at the top. They are a disgrace.
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Re: The FAI and the IRFU...

Post by LeRouxIsPHat »

I don't think the IRFU's competence has hastened the departure of any of the football managers but the difference is stark. I haven't a clue how you develop footballers so won't have a pop at them about that, but just on a basic management level they're a joke. It was hardly a surprise when Steve Staunton didn't work out after only having the experience of being player manager at Walsall. Brian Kerr (who I thought did alright) was appointed despite not being trusted. Trap and MON were alright at the time but it sounds like Keane was lined up to replace MON...who in their right mind could think that Roy Keane would be around that long and be the person to provide stability?? How could they allow them to extend their deals after the playoff shambles?

Delaney reminds me of some mad dictator you see on Reeling in the Years and can't believe they got away with it for so long.

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