Giro d'Italia

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Rhys Ruddock
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Giro d'Italia

Post by Hornet »

Not having much luck with this race. It looks like Sunday's race stage finish will be interesting as they are due to finish up Mount Etna. Trouble is it erupted last night! :shock:
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Shane Jennings
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Re: Giro d'Italia

Post by blockhead »

Only cycling thread I could find.
BBC Sport@BBCSport
Former British Cycling and Team Sky chief doctor Richard Freeman has been found guilty of ordering banned testosterone in 2011 "knowing or believing" it was to help dope a rider.
David Walsh, any comments?
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Re: Giro d'Italia

Post by Ruckedtobits »

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Rob Kearney
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Re: Giro d'Italia

Post by fourthirtythree »

Shocked. Totally shocked.

Well not really.

Or at all.

Obvious doping is obvious. Olympics are a hell of a pressure on a country and they will inevitably step up the doping programmes.
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