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Re: General GAA thread

Post by blockhead »

6 in a row, now for the Magnificent Seven.
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Re: General GAA thread

Post by JB1973 »

right so the fixtures are starting to get announced

time to place my bets is it as straight forward as Limerick for the hurling and Dublin for the football?

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Re: General GAA thread

Post by berliner »

Thought Dublin were flattered by the scoreline and the draw today, the impact of the weakened panel was there to see, Tough to think of McCaffrey and Mannion watching it at home while they're still in their prime (not that they owe anything to anyone). No Cluxton or Rock either, and Brian Howard only brought on for a closing cameo. Clifford is a constant threat, but Kerry's weakness at the back may trip them up. This year's Championship will be competitive and will, I suspect, mark the end of Dublin's incredible run.

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Laighin Break
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Re: General GAA thread

Post by Laighin Break »

I was also thinking about McCaffrey while watching the game - he really is a game changer, and I think Dublin will feel his absence more this year.
Mannion is a strange one - All Stars in '17, '18 and '19 - yet spent most of last season on the bench. Dessie mustn't rate him as highly as Jim (and most of the country) do.

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