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Match Preview: Leinster Rugby vs Edinburgh Rugby

by Jim O'Connor, 2007-09-24

So, here we go again!

Leinster kick off their season against Edinburgh this Saturday at 5.30. After playing them four times last year, familiarity bred a little contempt so this year we play them...another four times! The pubs in Edinburgh must be sick of the sight of Leinster fans at this stage, so God only knows how the players feel about meeting each other again. That said, due to some trifling affair over in France, Saturday's occasion will carry a bit of the unknown. Leinster are missing seven internationals to the World Cup but Edinburgh are missing even more and with their trials and tribulations behind the scenes this summer it's hard to know to expect of the side they're fielding.
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General News: Official Leinster Supporters Club AGM - Minutes

by Robbie O'Connor, 2007-09-07

I am delighted to announce that at the inaugural annual general meeting (AGM) of the Official Leinster Supporters Club at Old Belvedere Rugby Club last Thursday, 30 August 2007, the club was formally constituted and its constitution was ratified. I am even more pleased to tell you that I now have a committee to work with me to improve your enjoyment of Leinster Rugby this season.
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General News: Official Leinster Supporters Club Committee Elected

by Paul Kelly, 2007-09-06

The first Official Leinster Supporters Club committee have been elected at the inaugural AGM, which was held last week in Old Belvedere RFC.

The seven candidates were all elected. More information about the AGM, including the minutes will be made available in the coming days.
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General News: Official Leinster Supporters Club AGM - Agenda

by LSC Working Group, 2007-08-28

The Official Leinster Supporters Club have made the agenda for this Thursdays AGM available for download:

Official Leinster Supprters Club - AGM Agenda

General News: Leinster Supporters Club - Candidate Profiles

by LSC Working Group, 2013-02-03

Getting to know your election candidates.

The candidates for the committee of the Official Leinster Supporters Club have provided a small introduction to themselves so that you can get to know them before the vote on Thursday.
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