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Match Preview: RC Toulon vs Leinster Rugby

by Yvonne Kelly, 2015-04-17

It's a funny ole game rugby. Here we are - packing our bags for a weekend of sun and rugby in Marseille, the semi-final of the European Rugby Champions Cup no less, and we're still not happy. Truthfully, it doesn't take too much investigation to see why. This season will be one that most Leinsterfans will be happy to leave behind.
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Match Preview: Leinster Rugby vs Bath Rugby

by Jim O'Connor, 2015-04-03

Leinster fans generally have fond memories of Bath. Not only is it a wonderful place to visit with friendly fans based in a one of England's more beautiful cities, but generally Leinster beat their rugby team. Leinster have faced Bath six times in Europe and have won five times. This includes two great away victories in consecutive seasons in 2005 and 2006.
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Match Preview: Wasps RFC vs Leinster Rugby

by Jim O'Connor, 2015-01-23

Well after all of the results of the weekend were in, a wonderfully simple picture emerged for Leinster's task for this week.

Win and it's a home quarter-final.
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Match Preview: Leinster Rugby vs Castres Olympique

by Jim O'Connor, 2015-01-16

So it's back to European action this week as Leinster look to qualify from their pool, hopefully as winners. Leinster are currently level on points with Harlequins, but lie behind them in the table due to Londoners' superior head-to-head record. So what do Leinster need to do to win the pool?

Well, it's complicated.
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Match Preview: Leinster Rugby vs Harlequins FC

by Jim O'Connor, 2014-12-12

Last week's pessimism was unfortunately proved correct as Leinster showed the "ugly winning rugby" they were so proud of last week exposed as "ugly losing rugby" when played against a team of any quality. The most annoying thing is that while Harlequins were undoubtedly deserved winners, they still didn't have to really play that well to win. Several times they were in good positions but blew chances through poor handling. They left behind five fairly handy points from kicks at goal as well and even at the end, they were happy to kick the ball out rather than try for another three points to deny Leinster a losing bonus point.
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