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Match Preview: Leinster Rugby vs Castres Olympique

by Jim O'Connor, 2013-10-18

What a difference a win can make!

Travelling to last week's game it was hard to find too many Leinster fans who were expecting to win. Most expected a losing bonus point at best, given the combination of Leinster's poor recent form and their recent record against the Ospreys. However, stung from the loss against Munster and the suggestion that they couldn't perform without leaders like Leo Cullen and Brian O'Driscoll, Leinster's players stood up to be counted and produced a performance of real character.
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Match Preview: Ospreys vs Leinster Rugby

by Jim O'Connor, 2013-10-18

So once more with feeling!

For the nineteenth and almost certainly the last time, Leinster launch into a Heineken Cup campaign with a trip to Swansea to face the Ospreys. Let's face it, even if an agreement is reached with the greedy English and self-centred French clubs, the tournament will never be the same again. A 20-team tournament with up to the 70% clubs from only two countries can't seriously call itself a European tournament. The thought of the pool stages being dominated by games between teams from the same country is depressing indeed.
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Match Preview: Munster Rugby vs Leinster Rugby

by Jim O'Connor, 2013-10-04

At the moment there are dark clouds hanging above the Heineken Cup and as a consequence, the very future of professional rugby in Ireland. Both Munster and Leinster were huge contributors to the growth and success of the Heineken Cup and though they only played each other twice in the actual tournament both those games were seismic moments in the history of the cup. Those two semi-finals in the old Lansdowne Road in 2006 and Croke Park in 2009 brought club rugby to places no one could have ever believed when the tournament was first launched in the early days of professionalism.
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Match Preview: Leinster Rugby vs Cardiff Blues

by Jim O'Connor, 2013-09-26

After the try-scoring exploits of the first two weeks, last week's game against Glasgow brought Leinster's mood back down to earth. The result in itself wasn't a disgrace, nabbing a losing bonus point away to Glasgow isn't so bad given how much the Scots have improved in recent years. However Leinster's self-assessment process is far too honest for them to take much comfort from that as even the losing bonus point was largely down to Glasgow's almost comically bad place-kicking. It resembled the early episodes of the X-Factor as a succession of kickers came up to take their turn to miss, each player doing worse than the last. It denied Glasgow the comfortable victory they deserved, even though they themselves were far from their best.
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Match Preview: Glasgow Warriors vs Leinster Rugby

by Jim O'Connor, 2013-09-19

It was going to plan and we would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for those pesky Ospreys!! - Matt O'Connor

Okay, Matt O'Connor may not have said that exactly, as he isn't a Scooby Doo villain, but it does pretty much capture the gist of his frustration last week. After an opening day bonus point win away to Scarlets, Leinster looked to be on their way to another comfortable win when Jimmy Gopperth sailed through the Ospreys defence to set Dave Kearney up for a try that can only be described as sumptuous. Though it only put Leinster 10-3 up, the very manner in which it was scored would have caused most Pro12 teams to drop their heads and bow to Leinster's superior skill set. If it was the Scarlets, Blues or Dragons they would have collapsed, but the Ospreys, damn them, are made of different stuff.
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