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Match Preview: Leinster Rugby vs Glasgow Warriors

by Jim O'Connor, 2015-03-26

So it was another great Six Nations Championship for Ireland, but sadly the same can't be said for Leinster. Their defeat away to the Scarlets meant it was the worst return in terms of points during the Championship period for many years. It has left Leinster two points outside the top four with only five games left.
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Match Preview: Scarlets vs Leinster Rugby

by Jim O'Connor, 2015-03-07

The period during the Six Nations is a strange time for the Pro12. Obviously it gets less attention than normal, particularly in weekends when there are direct clashes with Six Nations games. However it can also be a very valuable time in that teams with good squad depth can take advantage and rack up a lot of wins. Since the Italians teams entered the league back in 2010, there has been four matches played during the Six Nations timespan. Generally Leinster have done well in this period and in the last two seasons they’ve won four from four. But this season will be their worst return from this period in terms of wins, regardless of what happens tomorrow.
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Match Preview: Ospreys vs Leinster Rugby

by Jim O'Connor, 2015-02-26

So Leinster responded to their shock home defeat to the Dragons with a bonus point win at home to Zebre. And, taken as bare facts, for some people that will mean all things are now well with the world. However the memory of the first half will haunt the fans as it was bad beyond belief. It wasn't just the usual rubbish Leinster fans have grown glumly accustomed to, it was sitting-in-a-dark-room-hugging-yourself bad.
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Match Preview: Leinster Rugby vs Zebre

by Jim O'Connor, 2015-02-19

Last week, Leinster had a great chance to push themselves into third place in the table, especially after the Ospreys lost away to Edinburgh. Instead they lost to a Dragons team in Dublin for the first time ever. The Dragons had previously only beaten fellow bottom-four teams Cardiff, Treviso and Zebre this season in the league. There were the usual excuses from the Leinster management about the refereeing and the lack of a T.M.O. but if it had been televised, Leinster's only try would probably have been ruled out for a forward pass.
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Match Preview: Leinster Rugby vs Newport Gwent Dragons

by Jim O'Connor, 2015-02-14

It does seem like an age since Leinster last played. Obviously the focus has been on Ireland for the last three weeks but the game over in Wasps feels like a distant memory. Or perhaps we would just prefer to forget it?

That game summed up where Leinster are at the moment. The first half, when Leinster were totally dominant, gave the fans a taste of what they could be. The second half however, when they pretty much collapsed, showed fans where they really are.
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