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Match Preview: Leinster Rugby vs Ulster Rugby

by Jim O'Connor, 2015-01-02

After a mildly encouraging performance against Connacht, it was normal service resumed for Leinster last week. As in the game earlier in the season in the Aviva stadium, Munster were comfortably the better team as Leinster were again beaten up at the breakdown and easily held out wide. In a team that started with twelve internationals, it was noticable that the two non-capped players in the pack, Jack Conan and Tadgh Furlong, were the only two players to emerge with any credit. If, as the players insist, it is their fault that they're underperforming and not the coaches, then at least there is hope that there are young players coming through to replace the current batch, who frankly are not cutting it these days.
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Match Preview: Leinster Rugby vs Connacht Rugby

by Jim O'Connor, 2014-12-18

Leinster set out to make a statement at the Aviva Stadium last Saturday evening and they did. Unfortunately it wasn't the statement they wanted to make in that it showed where they really are as a team, as opposed to where they say they are. In the build-up to the game various players were put forward in the media to say what a great coach they had and how things were much better than the supporters and media are saying. Unfortunately Leinster played like a team with very little confidence in what their coach is asking them to do. You can spin things all you want in the media, you do your real talking on the pitch.
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Match Preview: Leinster Rugby vs Harlequins FC

by Jim O'Connor, 2014-12-12

Last week's pessimism was unfortunately proved correct as Leinster showed the "ugly winning rugby" they were so proud of last week exposed as "ugly losing rugby" when played against a team of any quality. The most annoying thing is that while Harlequins were undoubtedly deserved winners, they still didn't have to really play that well to win. Several times they were in good positions but blew chances through poor handling. They left behind five fairly handy points from kicks at goal as well and even at the end, they were happy to kick the ball out rather than try for another three points to deny Leinster a losing bonus point.
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Match Preview: Harlequins FC vs Leinster Rugby

by Jim O'Connor, 2014-12-05

Back to the scene of the crime!

Leinster return to the Stoop for the first since the notorious "Bloodgate" incident in the Heineken Cup quarter-final of 2009. That incident has been talked about to death but it's a shame that the game is mainly remembered for that incident as it was a cracking match. There wasn't a whole lot of scoring of course, two Felipe Contepomi penalties versus one Mike Brown try in a 6-5 win.
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Match Preview: Leinster Rugby vs Ospreys

by Jim O'Connor, 2014-11-28

After three weeks of positivity watching a Joe Schmidt coached Ireland team, it was back down to brutal reality on Sunday watching the Matt O'Connor coached Leinster team put in a truly inept performance in Treviso. They took on a largely thrown together team which had one miserable point to their names from seven games this season. Frankly they were lucky to escape with a draw which they only got because of some remarkable misses from the Treviso place-kicker.
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