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Edinburgh here we come!

Well to say this year has been something of a rollercoaster ride would be an understatement. The highs have been memorable and the lows, well enough said. But as you are all aware, ourselves and Ulster are competing for the Celtic League title so the season is not over just yet and hopefully, we have one more memorable high to come.

As the date and kick off time for the last game of the season has finally been confirmed, there are a number of us traveling to Edinburgh to thank the team for a hugely entertaining season of rugby. Most of us are taking the Aer Lingus flight departing lunchtime on Friday 26th May and returning the following day at 3pm. The game kicks off at 7.10pm on May 26th.

As we were all prepared to splash the cash if we made it to Cardiff, take half of what that was going to cost, and joins us in Edinburgh for one more outing and we'll sign off the season in style by bringing home the league title.

Robbie O'Connor, Leinster Supporters Club

by robb, © 2006-05-26