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AGM Notice


It should be noted that the documents referenced here have been superceded by newer versions, which are available here 

We are pleased to announce the launch of the official Leinster Supporters Club.

The inaugural AGM will be held in Old Belvedere Rugby Club on August 30th at 8pm.

The agenda for the AGM will be as follows:-

Ratification of the constitution

The Working Group would like to take this opportunity to thank the URSC, the MSC and the LISC who lent us their constitutions (from which we have borrowed heavily) and gave us the benefit of their experience.

The constitution is available to download for download from this site: Leinster Supporters Club Constitution (Adobe PDF, 76K). Copies are also available for collection from the Leinster Branch

We have tried to anticipate questions which members may have on the constitution - please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (Adobe PDF, 65K).

Any other questions on the constitution should be emailed to leinstersupportersclub@leinsterrugby.ie.

Election of the committee

The election rules are set out in appendix 1 of the constitution.

Nomination forms (Adobe PDF, 67K) can be downloaded by clicking on the link provided. Copies are also available for collection from the Leinster Branch.

Completed Nomination forms must be received by close of business on Thursday August 2nd.

Following the close of nominations a list of candidates will be published to members on www.leinsterrugby.ie and www.leinsterfans.com and candidates will be given the option to have a photo/short profile hosted on both sites.

Persons nominating and seconding candidates as well as the candidates themselves must be full members of the LSC on the record date as per the constitution. Those wishing to vote in the committee elections must also be full members of the LSC on the record date.  The record date in this instance is August 17th 2007, to enable as many members as possible to vote, although please note that the nominations deadline is the earlier date of August 2nd.

The use of this record date will allow us to verify membership details against those held by the branch.  To this end, members are requested to bring either their LSC membership card or another form of identification to the AGM if they wish to vote.

Members will be supplied with voting cards allowing them to vote for up to seven of the nominated candidates.  Votes will be counted by three volunteers from the floor.

Any other questions on the nomination/election process should be emailed to leinstersupportersclub@leinsterrugby.ie.

Any Other Business

Requests for additions to the agenda should be made in writing to The Leinster Supporters Club c/o The Leinster Branch, 55 Main St., Donnybrook, Dublin 4 to be received no later than August 23rd 2007.

by LSC Working Group, © 2007-08-21