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Supporters Club report

Guys, as you may be aware there is some activity going on to try and establish the supporters Club. A working group has been established and we are working to formalise this with your input and support as soon as possible.

Please find attached where we are currently. we'll keep you updated with progress going forward.

Constitution/Supporters club establishment

The working group are eager to get a framework together for a speedy transition to an elected Leinster Supporters Club committee. With this in mind, we (read Tara) are combing through constitutions from other teams' supporters groups and working on the framing of a Leinster SC constitution. Accompanying this will be an AGM and a committee election. We're just getting this going, but the we're anticipating that this will be up and running around the summer once we have got the admin shoite sorted and once people have had a chance to buy season tickets.


In the mean time we're looking at how we can build a bit of social momentum - particularly over the summer. Ideas included an end of season function, Summer BBQ at Belvo, free Harp, tag rugby team, A bus to Ravenhill for the Ireland game in the summer, Tag rugby, more free Harp and get togethers for the summer games against the Pumas for those who can't afford Sheepshagger Travel (fockin touts....).

There is also a rumour that DJ Apple may come back out of retirement to play his popular "Power Ballads/Sexy Rexy's Greatest Hits" set....

Away trips

We're looking to see what we can do to facilitate away trips too. Cardiff by bus being one option - we'll have a chat to Marathon to see what they can come up with.

Meanwhile, we've set up an e-mail address for feedback and suggestions. leinstersupportersclub@leinsterrugby.ie.

All suggestions most welcome and I'd also ask people to get involved. It'd be great if we had a good pool of candidates for the committee when it gets going, but if you don't want the day to day involvement it'd still be really helpful if you could generate some ideas/pitch in on an ad hoc basis.

We do have some (though not much) money in the bank that we've handed over to the supporters club from T-shirts sales mainly, so if your idea needs some cash we'll do out best to accomodate.

Thanks to everyone for their help so far.